Drum Lessons


Miller Music offers drum lessons for the beginner to intermediate student in the following styles:

Age Levels
We recommend that children start at the age of five years old with drums. It is often easier for kids to start on drums as it doesn’t require as much fine motor movements as other instruments and you don’t initially need to know how to read music to play. Students just starting should start with a practice pad and sticks. They can also use a box drum to start and graduate to a drum set later on.

Teaching Pedagogy
We tailor each lesson to the student’s interests and level. Each and every student learns differently and has individual strengths and interests. It is our goal to develop these strengths while at the same time teaching the fundamentals of music theory and reading.

Practice Recommendations
We would recommend that each student practice 20 to 30 minutes per day, five days a week. This allows for the maximum benefit and enjoyment from taking lessons.

Teaching Experience
Eric Miller has been teaching drums for five years. He has taught many students of all ages and levels and specializes in working with kids ages 6 to 18. He enjoys watching students progress and have fun while playing whether it is by learning a challenging piece or creating their own beats. For more information on Eric visit our about us page.