Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique is a method that enables one to find flow and connection so that movement becomes light effortless and enjoyable. It Enables one to stay balanced, efficient and energized in their movement and thinking. It is widely practiced by musicians as a tool to help overcome the pressures of performing, and to play with greater fluidity and ease.

The Alexander Technique is also helpful for people to manage pain and reduce stress. It is taught in lessons or group classes. Eric Miller is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and has been practicing for the past 11 years. He specializes in working with musicians. He has taught The Alexander Technique to musicians at the Hartt School and University of Connecticut, as well as privately and at his home studio.

We offer both 30 minutes and 60 minute private lessons in the Alexander Technique.  If you are interested in signing up please contact Eric. You can also visit our website dedicated to the Alexander Technique by visiting